Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions.

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The Executive Board

The College Republicans at UVA is comprised of an Executive Board of seven individual members.

The Executive Board for the 2019-2020 Academic Year is as follows:

Matthew Nalls is a third year from Yorktown, VA majoring in Economics. His dream job is to work for SpaceX, and he was wildly excited to find out that Space Force was in the works. He loves soccer, the Lion King, Virginia, and owning the libs. He’s known best by the exec team for addressing everyone he meets as “friend” (i.e.: ‘hi friend!) As our president, Matthew works hard, taking care of behind-the-scenes management and communications, hosting meetings, and most importantly, leading right. His political role model is Denver Riggleman, but mostly he looks to those around him for inspiration. Matthew cares deeply for everyone he meets, and that is made obvious in his dedication to Republican values. This year, he hopes to lead the club to focus on the value of people helping people, and helping each other out so that the government doesn’t have to.

Matthew Nalls


Riley Creamer is a third year from Winchester, VA majoring in English and minoring in philosophy. On a typical school day, she can be found in Alderman pouring over LSAT prep and listening to NPR. That’s right: she’s a pre-law gal. In her free time, Riley enjoys reading, baking, and needlepoint. (She sounds pretty lame) As Vice President of Operations, her skills are best utilized through making spreadsheets, communicating with speakers, and organizing events we host. Girl loves a spreadsheet. Her Republican role model is former Ambassador Nikki Haley because she has proven strength and grace through adversity in her entire career. #Haley2024. While she does not aim to work in politics, Riley feels passionate about doing what she can now, and in the future, to impact the world she lives in positively: keeping taxes low, liberty high, and Republicans in office.

Riley Creamer

Vice President of Operations

Matt Ryan is a third year from Loudon County Virginia studying foreign affairs, economics, and religious studies. He’s a busy guy. Overall, he is primarily interested in matters of national security. Aside from studying, Matt works on the Third Year Council, volunteers with Madison House, and likes to hang with the Catholic Hoos! As he is a true fiscal conservative, we’re excited to have him on board as our treasurer. It’s been said that he will refuse to take on the financial responsibility of owning a dog until he’s making over $100,000 a year- that’s willpower. His secret powers include sarcasm, sass, and making voter contacts.

Matt Ryan


Chloe Sparwath is a second year from Georgia studying foreign affairs. Her dedication to politics was made clear when she took her second semester off to intern at the White House! While that was a valuable experience for her, we’re so excited to have her back and serving as our Outreach Chair. Aside from politicking, Chloe enjoys working with children, making her friends laugh, and reading. She is easily the goofiest member of the executive board, and is always joking around; she also has the biggest heart and is so excited about all of the ways she can help her community from her position as Outreach Chair. Her work with CRs this year will be centered around growing our community: reaching out to new members, volunteering in Charlottesville, and working for causes we support nationwide.

Chloe Sparwath

Outreach Coordinator 

Cameron Reagan Cox (yes, Reagan as in Ronald Reagan) is a third year from Colonial Heights, Virginia and a member of the Batten School of Public Policy & Leadership. His future aspirations include law school, President, and a bunch of other ambitious goals that will probably not come to fruition. He currently serves as the College Republican Federation of Virginia representative to the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee. He enjoys music, tennis, and debating people about useless things. As Vice Chair of Campaigns, his passions for contacting voters and winning elections will come in handy, and if you cannot find him during the fall, he is probably knocking on someone’s door. His Republican role model is Ronald Reagan, in part because of his ability to inspire others with his leadership and words, but mainly due to his bias from being named after him. 

Cameron Cox

Vice President of Campaigns and Advocacy

Chris Tomlin is a third year from Amherst County, Virginia. He is majoring in government and history, with the goal of attending law school after graduation. His Republican role model is Senator Ted Cruz, because of his unwavering commitment to conservative principles and willingness to stand up to anyone, Democrat or Republican, who challenges those principles. As our secretary, he is responsible for sending emails, taking meeting minutes, and all other communications. This is an appropriate job for him, since Chris is so friendly. He can talk to anyone about anything (we think he just likes to hear his amazing accent)! When he isn’t knocking doors for our awesome candidates, you can find him streaming The Office, reading something in the Wall Street Journal, or enjoying the outdoors.

Chris Tomlin


Devan Coombes is a second year from Oregon, who would like you to please excuse the actions of her Governor. But really, who are we Virginians to judge... Devan is studying politics but can be found off-grounds doing campaign work more often than in class. Since moving to Virginia last year, Devan has worked for multiple campaigns, ranging from the House of Delegates to Congress. She knows more about Virginia politics than VPAP, and can name districts while driving down I-95. Outside of campaigns, Devan enjoys...uhm...not much besides campaigns actually. Just kidding! She loves reading, hiking and exploring the many national parks that the Commonwealth has to offer and generally causing chaos where she can. Her impact on the executive team is easiest to see on the internet, as she posts all of our social media content, runs the website, and authors our statements!

Devan Coombes

Director of Communications and Recruitment

Our Partners

We work with numerous branches of the Republican Party including (but not limited to) the following: