Chris Tomlin


      Chris Tomlin is a fourth year from Amherst County, Virginia majoring in government and history. He aspires to be an attorney but can’t make up his mind whether he wants to go to law school immediately after graduation or take a gap year (advice on this matter is always appreciated). Chris looks up to Senator Ted Cruz as his Republican role model, as he admires Senator Cruz’s unwavering commitment to fighting for conservative principles.

As our president, Chris is responsible for managing and overseeing all initiatives undertaken by the Executive Board, presiding over meetings, and ensuring that our CRs community remains strong. Chris is a kind and caring individual and would like everyone to know that he is always a resource should you need someone to talk to about anything. He is beyond proud of UVA CRs’ status as the premier CRs chapter in the Commonwealth and looks forward to us progressing even further this year.

Cameron Cox

Vice President of Campaigns

      Cameron Reagan Cox (yes, Reagan as in the 40th & Best President) is a fourth year in the Batten School of Public Policy and Leadership. He loves the excitement of politics, the importance and potential of public policy, and the freedom of democracy, all of which converge in being a part of CR’s at UVa. He believes we owe it to our conservative ideology to campaign with passion and rigor and currently serves as the College

Republican Federation of Virginia representative to the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee. When taking a break from campaigning, you can often find Cameron playing music or basking in the glory of UVa’s 27 national championships. 

Garrett Scocos

Vice President of Operations

      Garrett Scocos is a fourth-year foreign affairs major from Cleveland, Ohio. As the Vice President of Operations, he is dedicated to serving the club to the best of his ability, and he is incredibly excited for the awesome lineup of events this year. His favorite part of CRs is being able to spend time with all of his favorite people on grounds. When he’s not discussing politics or arguing with people over foreign policy matters, he

can be found canvassing for candidates, going for distance runs (and getting lost and/or injured), visiting the Silverback Distillery, or napping in public. His favorite politician changes every week, so it’s not really worth bothering to ask him.

Lauren Hale


      Lauren S. Hale is a second year in the College of Arts and Sciences from Atlanta. She is planning on majoring in Economics with a double minor in Chinese and Philosophy. Lauren has always had a deep passion for politics. Lauren uses her extensive knowledge of finance and non-profit fundraising in order to ensure CR’s is able to run efficiently.

John Forys


      John “Jack” Forys is a second year student from Hamilton, Virginia. Jack has been active in conservative politics for many years, and even claims to have knocked on some doors way back in 2012 for Mitt Romney. When he’s not politicking, Jack likes to watch the New York Giants, because “this year is their year”, even though it never is. He also enjoys playing tennis, working on a language or two, and

trying to go to every church in Charlottesville before graduation. Jack is the Secretary this year, so if you don’t like the emails, then take it up with him.

Libby Klinger

Director of Communications

     Libby Klinger is a second year student from Ashland, Virginia. She plans to study Government in the College of Arts and Sciences. She became interested in Virginia politics after working in the Virginia General Assembly. Libby loves staying informed and involved in politics through CRs. In her role as DOC, she applies her deep knowledge of digital design to create content for the CRs website and social media.

In addition to CRs at UVa, she serves as the Fundraising Director for the College Republican Federation of Virginia. In her free time, Libby enjoys visiting with her friends and scrolling through TikTok.

Kaylee Corvin

Outreach Coordinator

      Kaylee Corvin is a second year student from Pulaski, Virginia. She hopes to study Finance and Marketing in the McIntire School of Commerce with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. Kaylee’s passion for politics stems from her love of freedom and the importance of being involved with and informed of the actions of the community. In her role as Outreach Coordinator, she works to increase membership and engagement by

creating a welcoming environment, develop a bond with the greater Charlottesville area through community service and philanthropic events, and grow conservatism on grounds. In her free time, you can find Kaylee spending time with friends, being outside, and jamming out to country music.

Executive Board

Our 2020-2021 Executive Board is composed of seven elected members.

See below to meet our Board.