Although this organization has members who are University of Virginia students and may have University employees associated or engaged in its activities and affairs, the organization is not a part of or an agency of the University. It is a separate and independent organization which is responsible for and manages its own activities and affairs. The University does not direct, supervise or control the organization and is not responsible for the organization’s contracts, acts or omissions.

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About the College Republicans at the University of Virginia

       Here at the University of Virginia, our College Republicans chapter works tirelessly to promote Republican values in every way we can. From working for politicians to writing op-eds for the Cavalier Daily to volunteering in our community, we aim to be influential in an increasingly blue state. We take a bilateral approach to our mission, both focusing on campaigns/elections, and creating spaces for discussion between students and hosted speakers. 


       During Fall 2018, our members made over 200,000 of voter contacts for the Denver Riggleman for Congress campaign, both in doors knocked and phone calls made. Members went door knocking nearly every Saturday during the Fall semester, and met weekly to make phone calls. For each election that happens, this chapter works hard to ensure that Republicans are elected, as that is the first step in promoting legislation that works for our values. 


       Members are not only interested in supporting politicians, but also in supporting specific legislation. Our weekly meetings, this year on Thursday nights, are a time for Republicans on Grounds to come together and have open and honest discussions about the policy issues impacting our daily lives. Recent speakers include Governor George Allen, Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform, and Congressman Denver Riggleman. Along with the big names, we also host our local politicians, recently Delegates Rob Bell and Ronnie Campbell, to gain insight to our state’s politics. 

       Between speakers and campaigns, the chapter stays busy, but we always find time for some fun. Each semester, we make an effort to volunteer with organizations in Charlottesville that promote our values. We also host social events, to give the conservative students on Grounds a chance to bond and form connections that will last a lifetime. Those bonds are made even stronger on deployments and trips such as the College Republican Federation of Virginia Conference in Richmond, and the Conservative Political Action Convention in the National Harbor. 


       We look forward every year to new opportunities to grow our chapter and grow our party. With questions, comments, or concerns, we can be reached by email at!